Couple Live Streams Their ‘Private Time’—Even Tagging the Girl’s Dad to Their Post!

I just can imagine that dad’s reaction when he sees it!

We’ve all done stupid things in our life—but not as stupid as this guy. He broadcasts his ‘private time’ with his girlfriend on social media, and as if that wasn’t enough, he even tags her dad in the process! What was his reason behind the post? No apparent reason—maybe he just wants to die young—in the hands of his girlfriend’s dad!

According to a report by ThugLifer, the couple “decided to use the family vacation home even after they were told no. While they were at it, they drank all the booze in the place and started broadcasting everything on Periscope.” The stream was then shared on Facebook and the girl’s dad was tagged to it.

Many things should be kept private, especially things that involve these things. These people should keep off social media.

This guy definitely has a death wish.

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