Child Finds Piece of Human Finger in His Ramen

Ramen has been considered by different countries and people across the globe as a favorite especially during cold or winter season.

Toppings are often added onto a delicious bowl of ramen; however, this boy got a surprise topping he didn't wish for - a piece of  human finger.

According to the report of Japan Today, a child found a tip of a human thumb in his bowl of ramen during his visit to a restaurant in Shizuoka, Japan. 

The health center of Shizuoka said that a woman complained to them after her son found the unwelcomed ingredient.

The health center confirmed that it was indeed a one-centimetre (0.4-inch) wide and 0.7 – 0.8 millimetre (0.3-inch) long portion of fingertip with its nail still attached onto it.

Speculation is that a female part-time worker at the Kourakuen Ramen accidentally cut her thumb while cutting the pork. However, Norihisa Takeda, President of the Kourakuen Holdings Corp., denied it was a part of a finger but admitted honestly that it was a nail.

Ironically, the ramen house still promotes that they are a child-friendly restaurant.

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