Beware! Despite Being Caught and Televised, Fake Shampoos Containing “Glue-Like” Substance Still Being Sold!

A few months back, videos and pictures about unscrupulous people (specifically women) selling fake shampoo was all over the news and the internet. 

With several factories raided, many believed that the selling of fake shampoo has already stopped. 

Apparently, after the news died down, they are back to their dirty business.
To those who haven’t heard this news, the contents of these shampoo bottles are replaced with a glue-like substance. Iodized salt, starch, sodium laureth sulfate, and scent are mixed together in a bucket and then poured into the recycled bottles, stopping just before the bottle is full. 

The remaining space is filled with the real shampoo taken from sachets, so when the buyer opens the bottle, she or he smells the real thing.
These criminals aim for mothers who want to buy ‘cheap’ items. 

This recent video posted on Facebook added that the criminal claimed to be from Unilever and even had an ID to prove that she was. 

The shampoo she sold was supposedly included in a “promo” and was offered at a very low price. Little did the victim know, the “Sunsilk” shampoo she bought was fake.
To avoid being fooled by these dishonest people, we suggest that you buy directly from supermarkets and trusted stores.

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