14-Year-Old Female Confessed Having 13 Men in Bed! This is Insane!

At the age of 14, you're probably busy with the things that you have to submit in your respective subjects. 

However, not everyone is like that. There are some people out there who are already EXPOSED at a very young age.

There's this 14-year-old female student in Malaysia who has captured the netizens' attention after she admitted that she has 13 sexual partners despite her age. But then, she clarified that she's not doing it for money.

 Reports stated that this girl had been with 13 men of varying ages.

Apparently, one of the boys she slept with, has confessed their story to a school teacher and it was then when she revealed everything! 

She stated that her intimate sessions with different guys have happened in different places including their classroom, prayer room, staircase and even her own room.After that, the 11 boys were then arrested. The boys were arrested for rape.

It was stated that even with consent, having sexual intercourse with girls under 16 is still considered as rape.

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